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FWM Coding Team: Restoring Balance to the Source — Web Design, SEO, UX NEW!!

Text testing more. What could be better than reading a blog written by a team of dedicated web enthusiasts... MC enough to blog about their passions... IT enough to turn heads with web freshness... OG enough to want damnatio memoriae invoked against Geocities? Testing this here test test test

Meet the DSS Team: the creative force behind DSS, Foster Web Marketing's proprietary content management system. After creating a custom CMS and over 400 websites that hook into it, we hope what we have to share about web development, design, and technical SEO can help you—or at least spark a feisty debate! 

Feature article: Shannon "Coder Queen" Gifford shares our top 10 web developer tools and add-ons!

Service Areas

New PA for 6.20.2017 Testing New PA for 6.20.2017 Testing
New PA for 6.20.2017 Testing
User Experience User Experience

Are you so focused on learning new HTML and CSS tricks that you've forgotten the golden rules of maximizing your user's experience online? Don't make this mistake... keeping visitors happy on your site is as important as getting found in search.

Website Development Website Development

You learn a few things after coding, maintaining and troubleshooting 400+ websites.

Technical SEO Technical SEO

Here at Foster Web Marketing we handle the technical SEO side of things for a pretty big stable of websites - and we're always trying to improve. We also work with our client's outside marketing and SEO consultants, so we hear great ideas from them - and some pretty bad ones.