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Foster Web Marketing

Chris "Jedi Master" Abbott



  • Senior Front-End Web Developer
  • Foster Web Marketing
  • 10555 Main Street #470A Fairfax, Virginia 22030
  • 703-665-0307
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A truely special Jedi Master and Super Coder, Chris is the heart of the Coding Kingdom. Chis started his days in the Coder Cave (closet might be more appropriate)- beat-boxing and rockin’ to his music coding up a storm.

Born in Texas, bred in VA, and now back in Texas, Chris is truly a coding cowboy, always willing to try something new, pushing for the cutting edge of industry standards with particular attention to detail and driven toward nothing less than perfection. Chris’ first HTML course was taken in the fall of 1999, and his passion exploded from there, learning with many other languages and aspects of web development, such as web hosting, domain name registration, user interface and template design, W3C standards-compliance and semantic code, MySQL database manipulation, PHP and jQuery scripting, accessibility and search engine optimization, website and server performance configurations, web traffic and visitor analysis and more.

Chris’ remarkable energy combined with his geeky-goofiness, and always backed by an awe-inspiring soundtrack, make Chris the Coding Kingdom’s true Jedi Master.