Gretchen Upright

Gretchen Upright

Director, Project Management
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  • 315A Cameron St, STE A Alexandria, VA 22314
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Short, blond, feisty, and quick as a whip- that’s Gretchen. What more needs to be said? Much like Danielle, G keeps the Coding Kingdom in line. Controller of all things design, and quite opinionated about site usability and functionality, Gretchen’s keen knowledge and ability to communicate keep the development team on its toes.  

A graduate from James Madison University with a BBA and an emphasis in finance, she began a career at Fannie Mae which vastly expanded her technical knowledge, and her ability to act as a liaison between “tech people” and “non-tech people”.  A project manager with FWM since 2007, Gretchen has an integral understanding of our back-end system (DSS) and how clients are using that system and their websites for effective marketing.

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