Kevin's Content Template is not dynamic. It is added to the page as plain HTML. Once added to a page, if I go back to the template and make a change - the change will not reflect on site. EDIT 22222


This is the body content. All of the important information goes here! Here are five reasons why this blog post is the COOLEST blog post! 

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  1. It's made using DSS.
  2. It's structured for a great user experience.
  3. It teaches you about the required content fields in DSS. 
  4. It makes everyone smile.
  5. Now you know what the body content looks like!

A column set adjusts its width to its container element. Because of their relative sizing the columns can change their absolute width when viewed on smaller devices, keeping their ratio to each other the same. When you are styling your columns you can lock the width of those that you already set. In this case only remaining columns will be resized, and the Locked columns will remain the same. Note: Sizes are locked in % not in pixels! If you don’t want a given column to appear on mobile, you can simply hide it with the display on mobile function.

You should understand that there are two parts to this process: resizing an image to fit a designated space on your website, and then adding the image to DSS. You can use any editing software to resize your image, but these instructions presume you will be using the Microsoft Office Picture Manager (PM).

Be sure to check out the DSS Training Center for all of our how-to videos. Questions? Call us at 888-886-0939. 

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